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Free-Color-Picker for your website,
and All things Color Related,
tips and tricks to help you with your color effects.

Color is an important part in creating webpages, whether creating simple html pages or completed pages, you still need to get the color right. There are so many color pickers to choose from online and so much information about colors that it can get confusing if your new to webpage designing.

Here we will try and make it easy for you to understand and learn about colors.

There are originally 216 'WebSafe' (browser safe) colors that work on all screens and monitors, (as in the header image) these colors display solid, non-dithered, and are consistent on any computer monitor, or web browser, and are capable of displaying at least 8-bit color (256 colors).

Here is the orignal palette: #

When I bought this domain my intention was to create a new color-picker, but there are so many good ones now on-line that I won't waist my time creating one, as it will simply look like someone else's work. Most (almost all) features have already been created in this sphere, I will simply give recommendations.

However since 2011 most screens and monitors are at least 16-bit (upto 64bit) and out of these 216 there are only 22 'really safe' colors, what this means is these 22 colors do not become inconsistant on 16-bit screens and over, but in designing over the last few years this really hasn't caused a problem.

Here are the 22 colors:
#000000 #000033 #0000FF #00FF00 #00FF66 #00FF66
#00FFCC #00FFFF #33FF33 #33FF66 #33FFCC #33FFFF
#66FF00 #66FF33 #66FFFF #CCFF66 #FF0000 #FF0033

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